Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Pirate hair beads and duck watch!

Hello again!

This week I haven't been making all that much jewellery. I think I've only made a few pirate style hair beads, having sold a few recently. In fact I've mainly sold pirate jewellery lately, there must be lots of fancy dress parties going on!
These are the kind of beads I make, they have a large lobster clasp so you can attach them to a hair clip or maybe on a safety pin which can be pinned to your Jack Sparrow style pirate bandana. Or it could attach to a belt loop or bag handle - the possibilities are (nearly) endless!
Pirate hair beads

You can find them on the Pirate Treasures website here 
Set of pirate beads

There are several styles to choose from including this set of three...

I have been doing quite a bit of walking around my local area, which is on the border of London and Surrey; though we are part of Greater London we are walking distance to the North Downs so there is some lovely scenery and good walks to do. Would you like to see the ducks from the pond again? They've grown quite a bit since last week. I also managed to get some photos of the Muscovy duck and his friends who were abandoned on the pond but seem to be happy there. 

 I've also been doing lots of gardening, as I didn't do much last year, what with all the rain we had and I'm not keen on gardening in bad weather! So last year's rain and this year's nice hot summer we've had recently added up to a very overgrown garden. We also had to have a neighbouring tree removed and a new fence panel put in. I've done quite a bit of trimming and weeding but we are having a proper tree surgeon come and take several feet off the top of the laurel which has got huge, and he's also going to do some general shrub tidying to make it more manageable. I can't wait til it's looking tidy!

This week I have been making some ACEOs and gift tags. I'm a bit slow, but it's quite theraputic! I'm thinking of opening another Etsy shop to sell them in, but I'll have to build up plenty of stock first. I might even update my other blog for The Emporium of Curiosities sometime with all these new things I'm making...
That'll do from me for now!