Monday, 22 February 2010

One a Day - Days 35-40

Last week was really busy, so not a lot of creativity got done!
Days 35 and 36 were stock replenishment for my website of recently sold items - silver octopus necklace and angel wing earrings. I sold the last two pairs of earrings within a couple of days of each other and sent them flying off to USA and Portugal!

Day 37 was a fail as we went to my sister-in-law's for Friday/Saturday. We came back Saturday afternoon so I got busy and made two pairs of earrings and a phone charm in a Captain Jack Sparrow pirate style!

Day 39 (yesterday) I made a memory wire pirate bracelet with carved wooden skull beads, various brown wooden beads and some antique bronze spacers, finishing the end loops with a brass anchor and a bronze open star.
Day 40 (today) still going with the wooden beads I made a simple necklace for my Men's range (or unisex of course!)

All of these items can be found on my website

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

One a Day - Days 32-34

I'm still on the 'Lavender' theme - I love using a mix of purple and lilac colours together! I said in my last post I'd be making a matching bracelet - that was Saturday's (Day 32) make:
On Sunday (Day 33) I made two pairs of earrings, both flowery, one a bit more dangly than the other! I tend to wear smaller stud earrings myself so sometimes have to remind myself that lots of people wear longer earrings and not so plain and simple as myself!!

Day 34 (yesterday) I started a long beaded necklace using sturdy bronze eyepins and various beads again in the Lavender theme. I used 12mm foil-lined glass hearts (I love that colour!), glass pearls, some light mauve lustred glass nuggets, round glass beads, acrylic bicones and tiny flowers, bronze metal beads, seed beads, bronze beadcaps and daisy spacers.

I've added all the 'Lavender' collection to my website in the Contemporary section

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Lavender & Days 30-31

On Thursday night we went to see Mr David Viner play at the Kings Cross Social Club, the first time with his new band. Hearing 'Lavender' again inspired me to make a range of Lavender themed jewellery. I made a bracelet a couple of years ago on silver chain, but decided this time to make them on antique bronze.
So yesterday I made a bag charm and today I made a necklace - I'll add a bracelet tomorrow...

Friday, 12 February 2010

One a Day - Days 25-29

Yes I did watch Twilight! I made a bag charm and a choker necklace...I hadn't used crystal glaze to cover pictures before, so it took a couple of goes - the first one had an air bubble I couldn't get rid of. Anyway, the end result is OK and I'm sure will improve the more I do. The words 'be safe' are written in Edward Cullen's handwriting font - you'll have to read the book if you don't know already!

Day 27 was a multi-strand bracelet. Day 28 a bracelet with white catseye beads, silver beads and beadcaps. Day 29 (yesterday) I made myself a Pandora style necklace just on black 2mm cotton cord - I have a bracelet with the same beads so made it to match.

I'll blog again over the weekend with details of todays make....

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Days 23 & 24

I'm keeping up with the blog, hooray!! The last few days has been Steampunk all the way - when I get into the Steampunk mood, I want to keep going! I photographed the ones I made on Friday and yesterday and have put them up on my website...
Day 23 - Cogs & Keys necklace and Watch movement ring

Day 24 - watch parts necklace and ruby watch movement necklace

Yes the ruby necklace is very similar to the one I made the other day, but I had an idea to fill in the gap above the movement with some seed beads and this time used glass bicones instead of faceted beads, again all tying in with the ruby jewels used in the watch movement.
I haven't forgotten about my Twilight theme, I'm working on that this afternoon and thought I might just have to watch the Twilight dvd at the same time for inspiration! I'm actually much more of a fan of the books than the film, but can't read and make jewellery simultaneously!!

Friday, 5 February 2010

One a Day - days 21 and 22

Day 21 for me was Wednesday, I was really busy counting and bagging glass pearls (again) for my Beads & Findings website so I could only think about my Twilight themed creation and make something quick! It's a lucite rose on a snake chain - I didn't make the rose or the chain so it only took seconds, but it's been quite popular on my website and local sales so I needed to make a couple more.
Day 22 - yesterday and today I've been making Steampunk jewellery. I couldn't photograph today's as it hadn't dried, so I'll do that tomorrow. I made these two necklaces using watch parts - one a collage of coggy things and the other is a little watch movement in an antiqued setting. The rubies are still in place so I added Czech glass faceted beads to match.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

One a Day - 17 to 20

On the weekend I had a play with some ivory coloured glass pearls. I got a big bag of them for my Beads & Findings website so decided to use some myself.
Day 17 I made two memory wire bracelets, the first was a very simple one and the second a bit more elaborate with silver plated daisy spacers and matching ivory seed beads in between the pearls. One end loop has a glass pearl and the other has a mother of pearl heart.
Day 18 I stuck to the same theme and made a matching necklace on tigertail wire.

Days 19 & 20 - I haven't made anything 'new' as such, but I made some more necklaces to increase stock of existing ones on my website's Kitsch section.

I started watching the new series Vampire Diaries last night, it was a soooo contrived and seemed to me to be "lets cash in on the popularity of vampires and make a show almost like Twilight, hmm, teenage girl starts new school, vampire boy can use his charms to make people do what he wants"...I gave up at that point as I'm a fan of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga and felt it was going to be so similar it would annoy me! So I feel like making something Twilight inspired today....