Sunday, 7 February 2010

Days 23 & 24

I'm keeping up with the blog, hooray!! The last few days has been Steampunk all the way - when I get into the Steampunk mood, I want to keep going! I photographed the ones I made on Friday and yesterday and have put them up on my website...
Day 23 - Cogs & Keys necklace and Watch movement ring

Day 24 - watch parts necklace and ruby watch movement necklace

Yes the ruby necklace is very similar to the one I made the other day, but I had an idea to fill in the gap above the movement with some seed beads and this time used glass bicones instead of faceted beads, again all tying in with the ruby jewels used in the watch movement.
I haven't forgotten about my Twilight theme, I'm working on that this afternoon and thought I might just have to watch the Twilight dvd at the same time for inspiration! I'm actually much more of a fan of the books than the film, but can't read and make jewellery simultaneously!!

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