Monday, 22 February 2010

One a Day - Days 35-40

Last week was really busy, so not a lot of creativity got done!
Days 35 and 36 were stock replenishment for my website of recently sold items - silver octopus necklace and angel wing earrings. I sold the last two pairs of earrings within a couple of days of each other and sent them flying off to USA and Portugal!

Day 37 was a fail as we went to my sister-in-law's for Friday/Saturday. We came back Saturday afternoon so I got busy and made two pairs of earrings and a phone charm in a Captain Jack Sparrow pirate style!

Day 39 (yesterday) I made a memory wire pirate bracelet with carved wooden skull beads, various brown wooden beads and some antique bronze spacers, finishing the end loops with a brass anchor and a bronze open star.
Day 40 (today) still going with the wooden beads I made a simple necklace for my Men's range (or unisex of course!)

All of these items can be found on my website


  1. i really like your jewellery, especially the lavender inspired designs, and for this ive nominated you for the sunshine award, for more details on how to pass on the award see my blog:


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