Wednesday, 3 March 2010

One a Day - Days 41-48

Aargh! I'm getting a bit behind with the blogging! At least I'm doing the making though...

Day 41 was a piratey skull & crossbones kilt pin brooch, which I have sold a couple of on my website, so needed to restock
Day 42 I made a pirate charm theme bracelet with Pandora style beads - I'm sure I'll be making a few more variations on this in the future!
Day 43 I made a couple of Pandora style bracelets as birthday presents
Day 44 a simple vintage style puffed heart on a chain

Day 45 I had a bit more time to try out something different so made a 2 row tigertail bracelet with beads and charms
Day 46 I decided to do a pirate version of yesterday's bracelet for my website!

Day 47 I made a little bag charm for my friend Karen's birthday; she has read and loved the Twilight saga too, so I made an Edward Cullen 'Be safe' message charm!
Day 48 I made a charm necklace with one of my Pirate Treasures logo plectrums (I love them!) and cloisonne, millefiori and glass beads plus some Tibetan silver charms. I've just added it to my website's Contemporary range.


Today I'm making some more Twilight theme jewellery, but I need to wait for the diamond glaze to set in the frames before I can finish it, so I might make something else too for today's official 'make' and leave the Twilighting for tomorrow. Just so you know, I give a donation to the British Heart Foundation for all my Twilight inspired jewellery 'to keep more human hearts beating'! 
Well I'd better get on with less interesting things like making dinner (stir fry) and vacuuming...

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  1. Hii!! I've nominated you for a sunshine award, your creativity amazes me!


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