Monday, 8 March 2010

One a Day - Days 49-53

Well I have been very busy making and pondering over the last week; the making you can see in this post and the pondering will be covered in another post later...haha, keeping you in suspense!

Day 49 I made a Twilight inspired necklace  
Day 50 (Thursday) I did some aralditing cameos to settings, which is a bit of a tricky job as you have to be really quick before it sets hard ! I restocked a couple of pirate earrings for  my website...

Day 51 and 52 I made pirate cameo bracelets in bronze and brown shades. These have been pretty popular on my website, so I decided to make two - one is more elaborate then the other and has twice the amount of beads. Mr Site, my website host, has been having a few 'issues' since introducing some new features so I haven't added all the week's new designs yet. I'll have a go later.

Day 53 I made a couple of pirate necklaces. I wasn't sure whether to add them to the 'pirate jewellery' or 'mens jewellery' sections of my website ...hmmmm....I've gone for Pirate...

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