Tuesday, 30 March 2010

One a Day 69-74

Well I really shouldn't go around promising more blog posts should I?! What I need to do is put a photo editing program and install the camera software on the laptop, so when the main computer is otherwise occupied I can still put things in my shops and website and update my blog. That's a task for this week!
I didn't stick with an actual one-a-day last week as so many other things (none of them interesting) got in the way some days. So a couple of days I made more than one thing, which I think makes up for it!
The earrings are in my Folksy shop , the necklace and bracelet are on my website and the bookmarks I'm probably keeping for the next stall I do. I'm sure I'm missing something, if it comes back to me I'll add it later this week - I sorted out a lot of my boxes and drawers on Sunday since I want to keep all my new Folksy and Misi shop things separate, must have over-tidied!!

This was the first time I've made beaded bookmarks, I think they turned out OK. The wolf and heart one is for reading the Twilight saga!

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