Saturday, 3 April 2010

One a Day 75-80

Yes I've done it! More than one blog post in a week!
I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder, no idea how, so am sitting in front of the computer while the ibuprofen gets to work.
OK, Monday and Tuesday I didn't really make anything because I was sorting loads of beads and things for my other website . I have several large boxes of beads, findings, charms, bead caps etc which need decanting into little gripseal bags so I can sell them in manageable packs, but obviously this takes aaaaages and if I'm on a roll it means I have less time for making new things. Ah well, it's all part of working!
So Days 75 & 76 were sorting these:

Day 77 was hideous and rainy so I decided to brighten it up with a summery orange and yellow bracelet.

Day 78 I made a couple of necklaces for the Men's range on my website - long beaded ones with brown glass seed beads and wooden beads in a kind of Johnny Depp style!

Day 79 (yesterday) I made a couple of necklaces on tigertail wire with silver foil lined lampwork glass beads. I would love to say I made the beads myself, but alas I bought them from China! If only there were enough hours in the day for me to learn lampworking too! 
Day 80 (today) I made a flowery bracelet in pastel shades using acrylic flowers and berry beads. I'll keep this for one of the Summer fete/craft fair stalls I do later in the year.  
So that's that for now, my shoulder is hurting too much to make anything else right now. I need to rest it beacause I'm planning on painting my bedroom walls on Monday! I'm going to have a cup of tea, a Cadbury's cream egg and play Space Colony as I only need my right hand to control the mouse and it's my left shoulder I've hurt!!
Happy Easter!

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  1. Love them all, but especially like the orange/yellow bracelet.

    Hope your shoulder gets better soon.



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