Sunday, 11 April 2010

Scarves, decorating & jewellery-making!

This week's excuse for lack of blog posting is because I have been decorating my bedroom. Actually it was just painting the walls and ceiling white, but it now has a nice fresh new look with new curtains and duvet cover!

This week I was excited by the arrival of my lovely new scarf, made for me by Fiona at Rainbowfizz Creations . It was admired by my Mum when I wore it yesterday (pic below) so I have an idea of what to get her for her birthday!

I've just added a few pairs of earrings I made this week and a Steampunk watch movement ring to my Misi and Folksy shops
This week I've also made some jeans/belt loop charms for the Men's range on my website...
...and I've just had a commission for some dangly Pirate themed earrings, so I'm making a few different pairs so she can choose which ones she likes best. Photos of them in my next post.


  1. Thankyou for mentioning my scarf - im glad you like it! I love your anchor earrings too.:)

  2. I love the steampunk ring! all your stuff is so funky and original!


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