Tuesday, 30 March 2010

One a Day 69-74

Well I really shouldn't go around promising more blog posts should I?! What I need to do is put a photo editing program and install the camera software on the laptop, so when the main computer is otherwise occupied I can still put things in my shops and website and update my blog. That's a task for this week!
I didn't stick with an actual one-a-day last week as so many other things (none of them interesting) got in the way some days. So a couple of days I made more than one thing, which I think makes up for it!
The earrings are in my Folksy shop , the necklace and bracelet are on my website and the bookmarks I'm probably keeping for the next stall I do. I'm sure I'm missing something, if it comes back to me I'll add it later this week - I sorted out a lot of my boxes and drawers on Sunday since I want to keep all my new Folksy and Misi shop things separate, must have over-tidied!!

This was the first time I've made beaded bookmarks, I think they turned out OK. The wolf and heart one is for reading the Twilight saga!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

One a Day - Days 62-68 and new MISI shop!

Yes, yet again it's a weekly round-up! Hopefully I'll be able to do a bit more frequent blogging, well maybe twice a week, as the problems with my website appear to have been sorted out so that frees up some time (less emailing support and shouting at the computer!)and I can start adding more things there without the worry of it going wrong! Yesterday I added the first things to my MISI shop . I'm intending to sell different pieces of jewellery in my Folksy and Misi shops and my website - they will all have a range of styles from Steampunk, Contemporary, Kitsch and Pirate, but the one-off designs will be spread between them so there's always something exclusive somewhere!
The last week's makes...

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

One a Day challenge 54-61

Here's a round-up of the last week's One a Day makes... As I wrote in my last post, it's been a busy week, but I managed to get quite a few things made. I've added some of them to my  Folksy shop and will add some others to Misi before the end of the week! I can't remember which I made on which day, so it's just a collection of Days 54-61...

So a bit of a mixture of styles! I had the plectrums made with my 'Pirate Treasures' font logo and these necklaces have been popular on the website, I've sold out of the last blue and purple ones so needed some more. I love making Steampunk jewellery (I may have said that before) and whenever I get my boxes of watch parts out I look at new ways of putting them together.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Website headache, gerbil illness, Folksy & MISI!

I was so determined to blog at least twice last week, but things just got in the way!

Firstly, Leo the loveliest gerbil in the world had a funny turn. We don't really know, but he may have had a stroke - his leg wasn't working properly and he was sleepy and wouldn't eat. We thought he wouldn't make it through the night, but he's made a speedy recovery and is more or less back to his old self and at nearly 3 years that's quite amazing! We haven't put him back in with his 'nephews' Danger and Milky Joe as they are a bit boisterous, he's living next door with a gate between them so they can still say Hello to each other!

The second thing that distracted me, and has been ongoing and giving me a headache for over a week now is my good old website host package Mr Site. Fellow Mr Siters (Pro ones at least) will know what I'm talking about if you've been on their Forum in the last couple of weeks. There have been endless problems, which when reported have been given replies either saying "it's all fixed now" when it isn't, or "we're working on it". This has led to mass frustration and Mr Site closing their forum, customers moving away and an all-round mess. I've only just renewed for another year, so I'm hoping they sort it all out pretty quickly. I've  been pretty happy with them up until the last few months, so would like to stay with them if they can sort out their customer service and technical team. I'm sure to post on any developements another time.

Which leads me to the other thing, which was going to be some exciting news from my last post, but I've had such a mad week I haven't got it blogged...
I've set up shops on Folksy and MISI. Woohoo!! As yet I've only added a few things to my Folksy shop and nothing to MISI, but I've had a busy few days making new things, so I'll get that done ASAP and put links up. I decided I liked looking at these sites so much I might as well join in, then I can buy and sell there and it looks pretty cool too! 

I'll blog later (or tomorrow!) with the next installment of my One-a-Day makes - a whole week's worth in one go!

Monday, 8 March 2010

One a Day - Days 49-53

Well I have been very busy making and pondering over the last week; the making you can see in this post and the pondering will be covered in another post later...haha, keeping you in suspense!

Day 49 I made a Twilight inspired necklace  
Day 50 (Thursday) I did some aralditing cameos to settings, which is a bit of a tricky job as you have to be really quick before it sets hard ! I restocked a couple of pirate earrings for  my website...

Day 51 and 52 I made pirate cameo bracelets in bronze and brown shades. These have been pretty popular on my website, so I decided to make two - one is more elaborate then the other and has twice the amount of beads. Mr Site, my website host, has been having a few 'issues' since introducing some new features so I haven't added all the week's new designs yet. I'll have a go later.

Day 53 I made a couple of pirate necklaces. I wasn't sure whether to add them to the 'pirate jewellery' or 'mens jewellery' sections of my website http://www.pirate-treasures.com/ ...hmmmm....I've gone for Pirate...

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

One a Day - Days 41-48

Aargh! I'm getting a bit behind with the blogging! At least I'm doing the making though...

Day 41 was a piratey skull & crossbones kilt pin brooch, which I have sold a couple of on my website, so needed to restock
Day 42 I made a pirate charm theme bracelet with Pandora style beads - I'm sure I'll be making a few more variations on this in the future!
Day 43 I made a couple of Pandora style bracelets as birthday presents
Day 44 a simple vintage style puffed heart on a chain

Day 45 I had a bit more time to try out something different so made a 2 row tigertail bracelet with beads and charms
Day 46 I decided to do a pirate version of yesterday's bracelet for my website!

Day 47 I made a little bag charm for my friend Karen's birthday; she has read and loved the Twilight saga too, so I made an Edward Cullen 'Be safe' message charm!
Day 48 I made a charm necklace with one of my Pirate Treasures logo plectrums (I love them!) and cloisonne, millefiori and glass beads plus some Tibetan silver charms. I've just added it to my website's Contemporary range.


Today I'm making some more Twilight theme jewellery, but I need to wait for the diamond glaze to set in the frames before I can finish it, so I might make something else too for today's official 'make' and leave the Twilighting for tomorrow. Just so you know, I give a donation to the British Heart Foundation for all my Twilight inspired jewellery 'to keep more human hearts beating'! 
Well I'd better get on with less interesting things like making dinner (stir fry) and vacuuming...