Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Website headache, gerbil illness, Folksy & MISI!

I was so determined to blog at least twice last week, but things just got in the way!

Firstly, Leo the loveliest gerbil in the world had a funny turn. We don't really know, but he may have had a stroke - his leg wasn't working properly and he was sleepy and wouldn't eat. We thought he wouldn't make it through the night, but he's made a speedy recovery and is more or less back to his old self and at nearly 3 years that's quite amazing! We haven't put him back in with his 'nephews' Danger and Milky Joe as they are a bit boisterous, he's living next door with a gate between them so they can still say Hello to each other!

The second thing that distracted me, and has been ongoing and giving me a headache for over a week now is my good old website host package Mr Site. Fellow Mr Siters (Pro ones at least) will know what I'm talking about if you've been on their Forum in the last couple of weeks. There have been endless problems, which when reported have been given replies either saying "it's all fixed now" when it isn't, or "we're working on it". This has led to mass frustration and Mr Site closing their forum, customers moving away and an all-round mess. I've only just renewed for another year, so I'm hoping they sort it all out pretty quickly. I've  been pretty happy with them up until the last few months, so would like to stay with them if they can sort out their customer service and technical team. I'm sure to post on any developements another time.

Which leads me to the other thing, which was going to be some exciting news from my last post, but I've had such a mad week I haven't got it blogged...
I've set up shops on Folksy and MISI. Woohoo!! As yet I've only added a few things to my Folksy shop and nothing to MISI, but I've had a busy few days making new things, so I'll get that done ASAP and put links up. I decided I liked looking at these sites so much I might as well join in, then I can buy and sell there and it looks pretty cool too! 

I'll blog later (or tomorrow!) with the next installment of my One-a-Day makes - a whole week's worth in one go!

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  1. Poor Leo :( glad he's better, congrats on opening your shops x


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