Sunday, 7 November 2010

Website relaunch!

OK, so I didn't update on the October Folkfest very much, did I? I did manage to list almost every day, and those I didn't I usually did two the next day. It resulted in a few sales from happy customers - my owl earrings proved popular!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to move my website to - I moved my supplies website there in September and have been really pleased with it. So the decision was made not to wait until my renewal was due in February and try to get it done before Christmas. Although it meant I was website-less for a week (it felt like ages!) while the domain name was being transferred, I was working on re-photographing all the jewellery ready for a fresh look when the new one was ready to go. I still have some more photos to take - it's been too gloomy for good photography - and some items to upload, but it's nearly there and I'm really pleased with it. The new header on the website and Folksy shop and indeed this blog was designed by Alex at Aleximo Croissant - I emailed her my ideas and a few photos and she turned the ideas in my head into reality! I'd love to hear anyone's comments and suggestions on any improvements I could make to the website too...

~ Jane

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