Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Challenge 52 - Week 8 - Twitter & Favicon added

Hello again!
We had another internet-free couple of days as there was either a fault on the BT line, or more likely the copper cables were stolen again. Apparently there were several cases in the South East of this over the weekend, we've had it twice this year! Luckily, BT were very quick to sort it out this time, so as you can see I'm back online.

I've done a couple of Challenge 52 type things today (making up for lost time!) - I put a 'Follow me on Twitter' badge on my website and made a Favicon. If you don't know, a favicon is the little icon next to the URL of the website in the top bar - look at the little orange B of Blogger! I used to make mine; all you have to do is use a picture, photo or logo (made mine in GIMP) and upload it to the website where it will be transformed into a .ico file and resized. As it's soooo tiny I found it a bit difficult to make a decent one which still reflects my website, so just put a P and T in Vivaldi font on a cream background. It's a bit small to actually read, but it's the same style as my banner so will do! My website hosts just add it as a widget and it appears like magic, so I'm afraid I can't offer any advice on how to add yours if you don't have a Create site - other than to get one!!
The Twitter follow badge is a bit of html from Twitter's official ones, just a simple one so as not to clutter up my homepage.

My next main plan of action for the website is to make a gallery (I've probably said this before) but that will take a while as there's loads of photos to add and I'm not sure how much webspace it will take.

The other thing I'm doing at the moment is stocktaking for the summer fetes I have booked, but more of that another time...


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