Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Make do and Mend and other stories...

Well it's been over a month again, so what have I been up to all this time?
One thing is sewing. I'm not exactly perfect at this, as my Needlework teacher ("needlework", were we in Victorian times at my school?) would tell you, poor woman, my inability to read a sewing pattern was astounding and I handed in two unfinished and quite horrible blouses for my exam piece. But in these times of austerity one must "make do and mend", so as I dicovered a lack of wearable trousers in my wardrobe, I decided to turn bootcut ones which had been hanging there unworn for a few years into straight legged ones. Simples, as a meerkat would say. I pinned the legs into a straight shape and tried them on - probably should have tacked them first as pins are a bit pointy, they were a decent fit so out came my trusty sewing machine which my parents bought me for my 21st birthday. All was going swimmingly until it came to the hem. I'm short (5 foot nothing) so had taken the hems up a fair bit prevoiusly and didn't think to unpick the hems before whizzing along with the machine. As you can probably guess, it all got into a tangled and jammed mess, the needle wouldn't budge so I had to dismantle it and somehow jabbed it down my nail (ouch) and after about 10 minutes of fighting, bits of threads and a small amount of blood everywhere (luckily they were black trousers!) I got it all free and managed to finish it off. What a drama! Anyhow, I've now got two extra pairs of trousers to wear - hurrah!

Jewellery I have  made over the last few weeks includes a couple of charm bracelets in the Contemporary and Vintage inspired ranges, pirate theme bracelets, "Skeleton Lady" necklaces and increasing stock levels of some of the pirate hair beads which have been quite popular recently.

Birds & Bees bracelet in the Contemporary range
Paris theme bracelet in the Vintage collection

Pirate charm bracelet

Skeleton Lady choker
Skeleton Lady beaded necklace

 For my blog about the stamping course I went on and cards, gift tags and arty stuff check out my other blog at the Emporium of Curiosities. I've been adding more stuff to the Emporium on the Pirate Treasures website, I've sold quite a few ACEOs since I opened the Emporium, which is really cool. I just wish there were more hours in the day to sit and make jewellery and get inky with my stamps as I have loads of ideas! So on that note I'd better click "publish" and get on with starting the next lot of bracelets and necklaces I have planned. All I'm saying is Day of the Dead. Details in the next blog...(or probably on Facebook first!)


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  1. I love the birds and the bees bracelet - so pretty!


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