Monday, 30 July 2012

Lots of Vintage style and charms!

Hello again!
Over the last month I have bought a load of "vintage style" charms to make jewellery with. Okay, they aren't real vintage, but they are inspired by a vintage or retro style. Antique bronze and antique silver colours are very popular at the moment and there are so many lovely charms I could easily spend far more money than I actually have buying them all! So I have started with some and plan on more over the next few months. It's taken a few weeks to make jewellery with the ones I've bought so far and I still have drawers with things I'm planning on using when I have time. 

All these necklaces are available at the website here
in the Vintage necklaces section.

As the weather was hot and sunny last week I spent most of the time in the garden catching up with the weeding. The ridiculous amount of rain in June and the first half of July meant the garden had become rather overgrown. I'm a bit of a "fair weather gardener"! Yesterday we had lots of heavy showers so I designed two more necklaces and made eight of each.

Over the last couple of months I have read the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins and absolutely loved it! Well, maybe "loved" isn't the right word. I was engrossed anyway. Then I came across some Mockingjay inspired charms and I had to make myself a necklace with one! So I decided to make a few necklace and earrings and dontate £4 from each necklace and £2.50 from each pair of earrings to the War Child charity as I thought it suitable. The necklace is here and the earrings here

I recently had a lovely customer who commissioned me to make a special necklace for her friend - I can't put up a photo yet as the birthday hasn't happened yet - but this customer also purchased two other of my necklaces, the really full statement charm necklaces, so making more of them is on my list of things to do. As well as all the other things. I'd better get on with it then hadn't I?!

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