Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Filling up my Etsy shop!

Ah, it's nearly April and I haven't managed to blog this year! I have a new laptop all to myself now, so will attempt to blog more often - it should be easier now I don't have to wait my turn on the computer!
Okay, what's been going on so far this year? 
I've been building up stock in my Etsy shop and have started working on a new and exciting range of necklaces. The Vintage Statement section in my Etsy shop is for elaborate designs or "assemblage" necklaces made from vintage finds, old brooches and assorted interesting trinkets.

I love making them and hope to make lots of them. I'm collecting old bits and pieces to find which go together nicely.

I have also made a pretty full pirate necklace in silver and black, also in the Etsy shop, and have almost finished a red and gold one. I'm not neglecting my website, in fact I added some more steampunk jewellery including the ever-popular steampunk cufflinks last week. I've just been concentrating more on Etsy lately as there wasn't too much in the shop and I've been selling out of things there!

Well that will do for now, I'm off to pack a couple of orders for the Post Office (and remember to tax the car while I'm there)...

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