Sunday, 13 December 2009

First Blogger post!

Hello! I'm Jane and I am Pirate Treasures Jewellery - welcome to my Blog!

I have been running my webiste for nearly three years and decided it's about time I tried to keep up with a regular blog. It will just be an informal post about what designs I'm working on or have recently made...

OK, so what's going on right now?
I have just had a delivery of Vintage charms from America and will be working on some new necklaces and bracelets.
I'm planning some new Steampunk designs - I put a couple of watch movement necklaces on the website last week and will be making rings this week.
For those who want to dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow (or just in a general pirate style) for Christmas/New Year's Eve parties I have a selection of strands of beads which can be attached to your bandana, hat, clothes or hair; pirate necklaces - from replica Doubloon coins to fancy charm clusters, one-off design bracelets with beads, charms and skull & crossbones cameos.
There are a variety of styles in my Contemporary section on the website - glass foil hearts, lariat necklaces, beaded and charm bracelets in all colours, my popular Pirate Treasures logo plectrums with charms on bracelets and chains....
There's something to suit all tastes, so have a browse and do your Christmas shopping with me!

Over the last month I've been really busy with stalls at two local Craft Fairs and a Fashion Show. I don't do these very often, but it's almost Christmas and lots of people have been buying my jewellery as presents - as I have a huge variety it seems I can cater for most of the family! The kitsch jewellery range is of course especially popular with the children - at one craft fair we completely sold out of every type of skull necklace we brought with us. Everybody seems to love the Pandora style bracelets this year - I have my first jewellery party lined up for the New Year based on their popularity as a customer's friends all want one! I hadn't planned on doing parties as I'm not a very outgoing person and am not keen on drivng in the dark, but as long as I stay very local it will be alright!

Well, that will do for now - I want to get the Christmas decorations up this evening!

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  1. hello! Just wanted to drop you a line to say I think your work is beautiful!

    Hope you have a great Christmas :)

    eloko x


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