Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New jewellery at Pirate Treasures!


Well my aim of blogging on a weekly basis has failed already, but I intend to keep at it and try and do it more regularly, New Year's Resolution and all that!
Anyway, Christmas has come and gone, snow has come and gone and come back's snowed again this morning. The main road isn't too bad, but living on the top of a big hill doesn't help when orders need to be posted - I can walk to the Post Office, but the Royal Mail collection van can't always make it up the hill!

So what have I been working on this month so far?

I have re-stocked on the popular brass lightning bolt necklaces, which can be found here kitsch necklaces and added a new pirate theme charm bracelet in the Pirate Jewellery section. I've made several new pairs of earrings for the Contemporary department - lampwork and millefiori glass hearts. I'll be making more heart-shaped design jewellery over the next couple of weeks, with it being Valentine's Day next month - plenty to buy as a treat or a present, hint hint!!

That'll do for now, Jane


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