Saturday, 30 January 2010

One a Day craft challenge - Days 12-16 !!!

Hmmm, well I've been making one a day all week but haven't taken the photos to put on the Blog! As I said last time, I was away for the weekend (at my in-laws') last week, so wasn't able to make anything then which is why there are no days 10 and 11. I've put which day I'm up to in my desk diary, so couldn't jiggle the days and pretend that what I'd made on Monday was in place of Saturday - I'd get confused and it's probably cheating anyway! So it's not my inability to count, the Blog does jump from 9 to 12 on purpose!!
Anyway, here's this week's makes, some for the website, some for my stock box.
Day 12 - another pirate necklace for my website!

Day 13 - my friend Sarah came round to choose some Pandora style beads for a couple of presents and we came up with these two bracelets, one in shades of blue and one in amethyst and white-ish. The photo isn't great, I took it very quickly as I just remembered to do it as she was about to leave!

Day 14 - as well as challenging myself to make one-a-day I'm also challenging myself to make some different styles each week, including things I haven't attempted before (time permitting). On Wednesday I made this bracelet with jump rings and large seed beads. As you can see it's a pretty simple idea, but looks quite effective! I'll try it in some other colours as well.

Day 15 - on Thursday I made a long necklace from chain interspersed with faceted and black & clear two-tone crackle glass beads, with Tibetan silver beadcaps and spacers.

Day 16 - yesterday I made a similar necklace, this time with dark silver glass pearls and acrylic silver beads.

I'm getting into a nice habit of making jewellery whilst watching 'How clean is your house' and 'Relocation, Relocation' on More4! Though it's the weekend now so I'll have to find something different to watch today...right, I'm going to put the kettle on and decide what to make today!


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