Friday, 4 March 2011


Oh dear, I've really been neglecting it this time! My excuses range from "couldn't remember how to get photos off my phone" to "I've been busy with another project". Tut tut, not good enough!
OK, so the photos I didn't get off my phone (which I have now done) were from a couple of Christmas Fairs - yes that long ago! One craft fair had loads of lovely stalls but virtually nobody came to it and the other was my local primary school Christmas fair, which was well attended. Here's a photo of me at the rather quiet fair...

The "other project" is called The Emporium of Curiosities and is my arty alter ego. You can read my blog here and visit the Folksy shop here. I will also be launching an Emporium section on the website ( very soon, I've been working on making stock for that this week - gift tags, cards, ACEOs (collectable art cards). I will blog about that when it's done, but it will also be on the Emporium blog (gosh I can't keep up with one blog, why did I make two?!) and I've been trying to remember to Tweet lately as well.

Jewellery I've added to the website lately has been Vintage style necklaces and a couple of pirate themed items, a matching red and black necklace and bracelet.

In case I don't post as soon as I intend to, why not 'like' my Facebook page (link on the right) if you don't already as I'm much better at putting updates and photos on there!

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