Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Challenge 52 & April Show-ers

OK, so maybe I need some sort of incentive/threat to get myself moving and remembering to blog...

Well luckily Abi from  Birdcage Creative had a great idea with a great name and invented Challenge 52, where she will aim to make/design/blog or otherwisely be creative every week. She has invited others to join in, so that's probably the poke with a blunt stick I need! But as I have two blogs, I might alternate some weeks if I don't manage to get things done for both of them - sounds like I'm chickening out, but hopefully I'll keep it up! Yes I know I attempted the One a Day Challenge last year and that tailed off, but once a week might work out better.

Also, I'm joining in with the daily listing club on Folksy this month, called the April Show-ers. I'm alternating between Pirate Treasures Jewellery and The Emporium of Curiosities each day, so that will make 30 listings in total.

So far for Pirate Treasures I've listed three Pandora style bracelets. They are very popular with my local customers - I daren't think of how many beads one of my friends has bought from me, she has an adiction to them! I've sold quite a few on my website but haven't listed any on Folksy before.

Right then, as we are in the middle of having a new kitchen fitted and it's fish & chip shop dinner tonight, I can use the extra not-having-to-cook time to go and make some more jewellery! Look out for a new necklace later this week... 


  1. Really nice bracelets, and I wish I could have the pleasure of some decent fish and chips!

  2. hey, great that you're joining in to the challenge, hopefully we can keep each other going. Love the bracelets, lovely colours!


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