Friday, 8 April 2011

New Kitchen & Folksy Friday - Kitchen theme

I have just had a new kitchen fitted this week. It's not quite finished, there was a door and a shelf missing and we still have the tiling and decorating to do, but it's really brightened up the room.

So naturally I thought I'd do a Folksy Friday on a kitchen theme - if only I had enough money to buy new accessories! It's only a very small selection as I've been cleaning out the cupboards and putting everything back in them, which has taken aaaages...

Tigerlilly Primitives EnigmaArt DecoupageYou Say That You Love Me Candace Gray

Click on the picture to go shopping!
Shops are 1) Tigerlilly Primitives 2) EnigmaArt Decoupage 3) You Say That You Love Me 4) Candace Gray

Oh and here's a kitsch-kitcheny necklace from me!!



  1. Great new kitchen. Hope the missing bits turn up soon.
    Great choices too. Fab pinny

  2. Lovely theme! And your kitchen looks lovely so far :] x


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