Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Fairs and new to the website...

Hello again,

The Christmas Fairs are over and were a success - phew! I did well at the school fairs, having booked double tables and spread my wares out. As usual I brought so much stock "just in case", but it means a wider variety to choose from!
I also had a table at the Christmas Concrete Market in Croydon. This was held at the Green Dragon pub on the High Street, though maybe a little far south of the main shopping area. It was a nice atmosphere with a lovely selection of sellers, but unfortunately not that many buyers came in. We still made a profit and enjoyed a huge sharing plate of nachos! You can read more about the Concrete Market here.

You can see my stall style has evolved into a more "vintage" style look with cake stands - very handy for a small table - and my new shelf unit my husband made for me, which has slotted in shelves and packs flat. I'm not sure I could manage it if I didn't travel by car though, as we had three large very heavy bags even with just this small amount!  

It's been really busy on my website over the last month too. I have managed to make and add some new Steampunk jewellery, including cufflinks, necklaces and rings, some pretty vintage style lockets which I decoupaged floral pictures onto, some collaged/decoupaged pendants and the glasses chains have been selling as fast as I can make them!


Next on my list is to make and restock any repeatable designs which are running low in stock, then relax over Christmas! Hmm, maybe an oxymoron there, as there's lots to do and "relax" and "Christmas" don't always go together!! Still, I've made my Christmas pudding and bought Tesco's Finest Bailey's substitute drink so that's something crossed off the gigantic list!
Talking of which, I'd better get the Amazon order finished...

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